HPF M3 T67 Precision turbo

The quick spooling Precision T67 turbos are used on all of our stage 1, stage 2 and stage 2.5 kits. These turbos provide the ultimate in quick spool while able to create extremely cool pressurized air for huge top end power. Each turbo utilizes an .81 A/R S-cover housing. The exhaust housing of this turbo utilizes a T4 exhaust flange and V-band exit flange. This provides unrestrictive flow and allows this kit to achieve significant horsepower numbers. Due to the high compression of the stock engine, our kit is still able to create full boost at an extremely fast 3,700rpm (6psi for pump gas). This in conjunction with dual vanos provides an incredibly flat, lengthy torque band that is amazingly strong from 3,700rpm to 8,000rpm. Our CNC'd manifolds were built to accept Precision turbos from a PT61 all the way up to the 1150rwhp PT76GTS.