HPF M3 Turbo Engine Management System

We developed our own plug-n-play M3 engine management system that works in conjunction with the stock DME in a seamless environment. Unlike some other E46 M3 boosted applications where the throttle cable is removed or dash functionality has been compromised, our system allows every original component to still work and function as designed. Our kit completely eliminates the need for the power robbing MAF sensor and allows significantly more air flow into the engine. Our electronics also provide precise advance/retard control of both cams (dual vanos) based on both rpm and boost allowing greater power gains during forced induction. Precise timing and fuel control is calibrated based on any number of factors including the environment, altitude, gear selection, boost, road conditions, etc. Our engine management also provides optimal control of our 750cc high impedance injectors for stages 1, 2 and 2.5 as well as our 1200cc low impedance injectors for stages 3 and 4. Our engine management system is also able to utilize the stock coil packs and spark plugs without requiring an auxiliary ignition system.

Our kit is completely plug n play from the electronics to the entire turbo kit itself. Every kit comes with all of the electronics pre-assembled. The main black bracket simply bolts in with 4 supplied bolts to pre-existing holes in the engine bay on the passenger side near the front windshield. The rest of the connectors and components simply plug right in. Every wire is labeled, every connector has heat shrink wrap and every wire is wire-loomed. In several places shielded wire is used, ring terminals are already attached and labeled, fuses are affixed to the bracket and are pre-wired. The fuel pump and oil pump relays are attached to the bracket and pre-wired, AEM 3.5 bar map sensors for the boost gauge and EMS are affixed to the bracket and pre-wired, the exact BMW connector is attached loomed and pre-wired, and the race fuel switch is pre-wired with a connector. The intake air temp sensor is pre-wired and labeled and simply screws into our intake manifold which is also labeled, the boost control solenoid is also pre-wired and labeled, and the fuel pump trigger is pre-wired that turns the extra fuel pump on at 3psi (for stages 1, 2 and 2.5), and two extra fuel pumps for stages (3 and 4). The EMS comes programmed for the car, and is already calibrated for every sensor used and the rest of the turbo system.