HPF M3 Turbo DME Connector

Not many people want to order a turbo or supercharger system only to find out that wires from the factory harness need to be cut, spliced or soldered. Especially when we're talking about more than 100 individual wires. This creates a huge mess of the factory harness that can prevent the car from working properly or being resold, and introduces a wiring nightmare for those not so electronically inclined.

To make our kits easy to install for the mechanic as well as for our customers, we designed a plug-n-play DME / Factory harness connector that allows the factory connectors to be plugged directly into our EMS. It also provides a simple plug-n-play connector for those that want to run our stage 2 "methanol" option. No wiring headaches, no questions about which wire goes where. Just unplug certain connectors from your DME (as pictured in our manual) and plug them directly into our plug-n-play connector box.